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Dog Siblings Wait For Their Deceased Owner, Unaware That He Will Never Return

In Seoul, South Korea, a local animal rescue group, they received several calls from villagers reporting a living creature roaming the streets at night. Unfortunately, they mistook it for a wild animal and feared it would eventually attack them. As a result, a group of volunteers stepped forward quickly.
The rescuers began their work at night to ensure that the wild animal showed up. They waited, and eventually, piercing eyes emerged from the pitch-black darkness. A small dog appeared, stepped out, and quickly ran away, much to everyone’s surprise.
They pursued the dog, but it was too fast for them, losing it. It bolted from the scene, ascended a steep mountain path, and vanished. They attempted to follow its lead but needed clarification.
The following day, the rescuers went to a mountain path that hadn’t been used in a while because villagers said that’s where they’d find the dog. They discovered a dog under a truck parked deep in the woods, but not the same dog.
They discovered the dog had never left his spot when they asked around. He frequently followed passing trucks and cars but always returned to sit near or under the vehicle. He stayed put even when it rained, as if he was glued to that spot.
As the volunteers worked, they discovered at least three dogs in the vicinity. They also went through the truck to see if they could find anything to help them figure out what was happening with the dogs. Unfortunately, they came up empty-handed. Instead, they discovered another dog’s lifeless body beneath it.
The group installed cameras around the perimeter and soon discovered four dogs who resembled each other. They followed their tracks and found a derelict building near the truck. Someone, most likely the dog’s owner, lived there.
The rescuers eventually found a woman who knew who owned the dogs. She said he decided to take care of them after they saved him from the bitter cold. But unfortunately, he died about two months ago, a significant loss.
A concerned local volunteered to foster the dog on the advice of an animal behavior expert. He promised to assist them in dealing with their grief until they were ready to find new families.

Credits and pictures to Kritter Klub

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