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Dog Recovers From Burn Injuries And Becomes Unrecognizable; Even His Vet Can’t Believe It’s Him.

An elderly lady was doing housework when she heard her dog barking incessantly. Curious and concerned about what was happening, she stepped outside and discovered a brown dog in her yard. It was a stray, to be sure, but the pup’s condition worried her the most.
The dog was covered in wounds. He appeared to have a terrible skin illness at first. However, as the lady looked closer, she noticed he was burned. So, how and why? She had no idea.
Grandma took the sick puppy to the village’s veterinary clinic, where the vet prescribed some salve and painkillers. She faithfully administered the medications but saw no significant improvement in the dog’s condition. Nevertheless, she wanted him to heal soon and sought additional assistance.
Grandma brought the puppy she named Soondol to the city’s veterinary hospital with the support of an animal care and rescue group. She remained hopeful and patiently awaited his recovery. She was confident he’d make it.
Meanwhile, the rescuers collaborated with the authorities to determine what happened to Soondol. They initially thought he had survived a house fire, but there was no indication of smoke in his lungs. So when they conferred with a fire investigator, they decided that the poor dog was intentionally burned.
Grandma, the rescuers, the vet, the cops, and even worried neighbors wanted Soondol to receive justice. They collaborated but needed leads. No surveillance cameras or witnesses provided clues as to what occurred.
The dog was taken to the hospital and then returned to Grandma. The vets indicated he couldn’t walk on his four legs again because he burned badly. However, his paw pads had reformed three months later, and he was strong enough to walk and even run.
People couldn’t believe Soondol was the same dog three months ago. His recovery was described as “out of this world” by his veterinarian. But he didn’t just survive; he thrived.

Credits to?Kritter Klub

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