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Dog Keeps His Drunk Owner From Falling, Helps Her Find Her Bed

Hannah Quintus, a 22-year-old woman from Eagle Grove, Iowa, had a little too much to drink one night. She was too buzzed that she had a hard time moving around her house. She almost fell at some point. Good thing Jax, her two-year-old Golden Retriever, was there to keep it from happening.

Caught on camera

Quintus had no idea her dog had been observing her. He was watching her make her way to her room, ready to jump in if ever she would need assistance.

When she was clearing her bed, Jax made his way near her. It was as if he knew that something was about to happen to his human. When she lost her balance, the pup jumped and used his front paws to keep her steady. He then slowly guided her to her bed.

The pet camera Quintus installed in her room captured the whole thing. Albeit amazed at how attentive Jax was, she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by how she behaved that night. Nonetheless, Quintus still uploaded the video to show everyone how awesome her pup was.

Best dog ever

Jax has been living with Quintus since he was almost two months old. They’ve been an inseparable pair ever since, what with Jax constantly wanting to be held and all. Quintus doesn’t mind showering the Golden Retriever with cuddles because she knows how happy it makes him.

They have a strong bond, and that’s probably the reason why it wasn’t hard for Jax to figure out that his human needed his help that night. Chances are, that’s also the reason why Quintus had no problems going home drunk: she knew her fur baby would be there to keep her safe.

Jax’s video has gained over three million videos since Quintus uploaded it on TikTok. Feel free to check it out:


Came home after a few too many and caught this video of my petcam 😂😂 #fyp #funny #falling #dog #tigerking #distancedance #coronavirus #quarantine

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Credits to Hannah Quintus

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