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Countryside Jogger Comes Across A Homeless Dog That Was So Happy To See Him – Pup’s Reaction To New Friend Goes Viral

When we try to picture a homeless dog in our minds, most of us would probably see a miserable mangy pooch. This is understandable as they live a very tough life. They don’t have regular access to food, shelter, and medical treatment. No one is there to love them and care for them.

That is why people were pleasantly surprised when they saw an overzealous and cheerful stray pup prancing and greeting a man he just met. A short video, running approximately a minute, showing the dog’s reaction, has garnered almost four million views.

And the best part is, according to the video’s caption, the adorable homeless pooch is now living with his forever family.


According to the same caption, the video was taken by a jogger who regularly runs along the countryside. On his way home during his daily run, he was met by a small white pup who suddenly started to run alongside him. The dog looked so happy to meet him, and the jogger decided to record his reaction.

In the video, the pup could be seen enthusiastically running around. He looks so excited to meet the man. When the jogger started whistling at him and coaxing him to come over, the puppy enthusiastically pranced over to him.

The pup would even roll by his side and expose his belly, indicating he wanted belly rubs. The good-hearted man obliged. This made the pup even happier.

Forever home

The jogger tried to get the pup to follow him home, but he refused. So the guy returned to his place, got some food and water, then returned to feed the dog. After that, he carried the pup home with him.

The man then called animal services and asked them to rescue the dog. Soon after, the rescuers came and took him back to their shelter. The man kept tabs on the puppy and was delighted to report that the small pooch had been adopted.

Source: TDPets via Youtube

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