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CIA Dog Has Been Dismissed, But She Is Currently Enjoying Her New Life With Her Family, Playing And Cuddling.

We usually imagine a well-trained canine that takes its job seriously when we think about working dogs, such as explosives detection dogs. These canines are trained as puppies and then allocated to various government entities once they have completed their training. Unfortunately, however, not all pups are suitable for the job.

Lulu, a dog, was being trained as a CIA bomb-sniffing dog. Lulu was chosen due to her intelligence and her keen sense of smell. However, when Lulu was 18 months old, the CIA decided to remove her from the bomb-sniffing program.

This was because Lulu was simply uninterested in doing her job. There are times when dogs require a brief respite before returning to the position they were trained for. However, there are some cases, such as Lulu, where she isn’t interested in how much playtime she receives or how long she takes a break.

Dog, meadow, and Labrador

Lulu was determined in her refusal to work as a bomb-sniffing dog. Lulu was consequently removed from the CIA’s K9 program. The handler and their family can adopt a dog when retired or withdrawn from the K9 program. Lulu’s handler and her handler’s family also had feelings for her, so they all agreed to adopt the pacifist Labrador.

Lulu now spends her days in her new forever home’s backyard playing with the kids and sniffing out squirrels and rabbits. Lulu may not have advanced to the level of a bomb-sniffing dog, but she is now living the life she desired. While they will miss Lulu, the CIA also stated that they believe it was the correct decision to let her go.

The CIA tweeted lulu’s early retirement tale, and everyone who saw and read it appreciated what the CIA did. Instead of forcing Lulu to work a job she despised, they chose to let her go and enjoy her life as a family pet. Here’s a lovely video of Lulu getting fired in the cutest way possible.

Video Source HappyWorld viaYouTube

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