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Cat Survives a Fire Throwing Himself From The Fifth Floor and The Video Went Viral on the Internet

Cats have multiple lives – goes the myth. But is it true? Let’s see.

The camera of the firefighter department recorded the jump of the cat from the apartment when the firefighters were actually recording the moment when they were controlling the flames.

It was then when an intrepid feline was suddenly seen through a cloud of smoke through a broken window. The cat suddenly jumped. Even though fearful yelling is heard in the video as the cat falls down, the cat seemed carefree. Fortunately, he did not hit the opposite wall but landed on his four legs in a yard.

The Chicago firefighter department shared the video on their account and it went viral. The department had responded around 3 pm to the report of a fire in the kitchen of a house located at 6500 South Lowe Avenue.

The flying cat, viral already in social networks, was identified as Hennessy and his owners have launched a campaign to locate the kitty.


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