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By Serving As A Ring-Bearer, This Sausage Dog Melts Everyone’s Hearts At His Owner’s Wedding

At many weddings, adorable children are often tasked with delivering the rings to the couple. But who says this rule is absolute? Many couples nowadays enlist the help of adult friends to serve as ring bearers, and some even enlist the use of their dogs. Isn’t that adorable?

Tofu, a Dachshund, had taken the internet by storm after serving as a ring bearer at his owner’s wedding. Read the article below to gush over Tofu’s cuteness:

Tiny Tofu made a big appearance at his owner’s wedding.

Australian tennis stars Luke Saville and Daria Gavrilova unintentionally turned their wedding into a significant event by including Tofu in the entourage. Fans saw in a short clip the adorable Dachshund as he fulfilled his role as the wedding ring bearer.

He took tiny steps while performing his ring bearer duties, making a few guests aw awwww. People around him were either photographing him or staring in awe.

Tofu carried the ring thanks to the small cushion attached to his back where the call was placed.

Daria’s obsession with Tofu is well-known and well-documented online. Her TikTok bio boasts that 95 percent of her is Tofu, 3 percent is tennis, and the remaining 2 percent is unknown.

TikTok went crazy!

This pleasant surprise delighted both tennis and dog enthusiasts. Currently, the video has received over 10 million views.

The tofu was described as a distinguished gentleman by one commenter. After all, Tofu was dressed to the nines in a custom-made tuxedo. But, according to WeRateDogs, a popular dog-focused TikTok account, Tofu did understand the assignment.

@dasha_tofuJust wantsd to say that Tofu sid the bwst job as a ring bearer ?????????? original sound – Dasha Saville ? Tofu Sausage

Video Source: @dasha_tofu via?TikTok

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