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Brave Yorkie Pup Scared Away Young Bear That Entered Their Yard

Yorkshire terriers are some of the cutest doggos around. They are like puppies that never grow old and their beautiful fur adds to their overall cuteness. But don’t let that adorable puppy face fool you – some Yorkies are ferocious, and Bella, the pooch in the viral video below, is one of them.

Bella rose to internet stardom recently when security footage of her chasing away a bear was posted online by her dog mom. The pup’s owner explained that she had security cameras watching over the bird feeders in their yard because they knew that some wild animals sometimes wind up on their property.

Fortunately for them, it was only a young bear who was spotted strolling in their yard. Bella’s human let the pooch out to do her bathroom business that morning. But instead of going to her usual spot, Bella ran towards the bird feeders in a surprisingly aggressive manner. It turned out that the pooch had already sensed the intruder and she was out to get him!

In the security footage below, we could see that the young bear, despite being bigger than the Yorkie, got spooked! He ran up the nearest tree and stayed up there until the doggo left.

When Bella’s owner realized that her pooch was trying to fight a bear, she called her back because she was afraid that Bella would get hurt. So when the pooch went to her mom, the young bear saw his chance to escape.

The intruder didn’t waste any time and got down from the tree when the pup got distracted. But as soon as the bear stepped on the ground, Bella went after him again! The bear ran off the property, and the heroic pup went back to her mom. Luckily no one got hurt from the encounter. See Bella’s heroics in the clip below.

Credits: ViralHog

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