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Boston Terrier, The Little American Gentleman

The Boston terrier is also known as the Boston bull.

The Boston Terrier has Bulldog and Terrier ancestry. In England, back in the 1860s, the cross was very popular. The breed inherited the best characteristics of each breed. They are ratters and fighters.

Some of these medium-sized dogs came on ships to Massachusetts and became popular instantaneously in the Boston area. Experienced dog breeders began then to work on a definitive Boston type.

The Path to Fame

The breed received official recognition in 1893 as the Boston Terrier. The breed became classy, refined, and recognized. By the 1920s the breed had become pretty much the breed we know nowadays.

boston terrier

The Boston Terriers Facts

The Boston terrier has shiny, fine-textured short hair. The hair can be black and white or white and brindle. They are disqualified from competitions if they do not have white spots or if the dark color is gray or dark reddish-brown.

According to dog breeders, the Boston terrier may have hereditary hearing problems. This may not be frequent and dog breeders are working on fixing this problem. However, if you decide to get this breed, then it is something you may need to keep this mind.

They may also suffer from breathing problems due to the shape of the head.

The Boston Terrier Personality

The Boston terrier is gentle and friendly. Their energy level may vary. However, generally, they tend to be calm.

They are an excellent company for kids and are very loyal to the family. There is something you need to keep in mind: they tend to be stubborn. So, discipline in training is very important. You should not worry so much though because they are smart.

It is worth mentioning they are very affectionate so if you are thinking of bringing one home, be ready to give tons of love!

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