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Bernese Mountain Dogs Show How Well-Behaved And Well-Trained They Are By The President Of Ireland

Dogs probably don’t mind their masters’ societal status, but these two pets certainly hit the jackpot in that department. You could say these dogs are practically royalty.

Bernese Mountain Dog breeds Brod and Misneach are definitely treated as VIPs. Brod’s the furry son of Ireland’s President Michael D. Higgins, and Misneach is his new friend.

Yep, you read that right. That meant that these fortunate dogs get to travel wherever their master went. That’s their privilege, and they love it.

Who would say no to a gig like theirs? You’d be crazy to say no if you had the chance to rub elbows with Ireland’s President.

Misneach certainly couldn’t care less about anything else other than play. This dog, whose name means courage in Irish, made sure to turn every opportunity to engage in a game.

He definitely knows how to properly work the cameras and how to endear people to him. Because he’s the President’s pet, it also follows that he adds to his master’s good standing with the people.

On this day, President Higgins was filmed taking a walk around with Misneach and Brod. This guy certainly knows how to balance state affairs and his personal life.

The dogs looked like adorable oversized bandits having fun. To be fair, President Higgins appeared relaxed, enjoying a break from his duties with his dogs.

We understand why the most powerful man in Ireland would decide to get himself these dogs. They’re beautiful, loyal, and they certainly know how to be in the moment.

They’re a welcome break from being in back-to-back meetings with different leaders, taking care of national concerns. That can drain anyone, and these dogs are the perfect antidote for it.

Good going, you two! Continue being your dad’s loyal support and source of fun. The world knows he definitely needs it.

Credits to In Ireland via YouTube

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