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Beer Fund Turned Into Puppy Food Fund When One Mama Dog Crashed A Bachelor Party

One bachelor party turned out even more interesting when one mama dog decided to sweetly crash it.

Mitchell Craddock from Vicksburg, Michigan, and his seven friends booked a cabin in the woods in Tennessee for Craddock’s bachelor party. On their first morning on the trip, while they were cooking bacon for breakfast, a special visitor came at the door. When they noticed the dog waiting, they all went out to give her some pets.

They saw that her ribs were very visible because she was so thin. So they fed her and she ate every scrap of food they offered. Another thing they noticed was that the dog was actually a mama dog. She had some pups but she wasn’t producing any milk so they figured that the puppies maybe a little bigger by then.

After the lovely morning visit, they went to town to buy some things. And when they came back, she was there waiting for them. The mama dog was a very sweet dog according to the groom and they easily gained her trust. After that, they fed her again and even bathed her.

Then they noticed that the mama dog was protective over a spot in the woods. The next morning, they decided to check the woods and there they found a den and a pup’s head sticking out of it. They gently approached it and pulled out all seven puppies.

Back at the cabin, the guys spread out their suitcases to serve as the puppies’ beds. They bathed the puppies who were all dirty and full of fleas. And the money they pooled for their supposed beer-drinking turned to puppy food funds. And they also decided as a group that they didn’t want to leave the puppies so they distributed them between themselves and family members.

The mama dog who they named Annie was adopted by the groom’s grandmother along with one of her puppies. And since they lived within five miles of each other, they would always bring the pups with them so the siblings could still see each other from time to time.

Source: YouTube via Good Morning America

2 responses to “Beer Fund Turned Into Puppy Food Fund When One Mama Dog Crashed A Bachelor Party”

  1. Mary Thompson Avatar
    Mary Thompson

    Absolutely a wonderful story

  2. Beautiful story. I to am a dog lover. I have 4 little cotton yorkie. They are the sweetest, most loving dogs. My son gave me my first grandson this year and my 4 babies took to the newborn and became real protective of him. It is so sweet to watch them with him.

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