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Bashful Bulldog Finds It Hard To Make Friends On His First Day At The Puppy Daycare

Do you remember your first day at school as a kid? You might have felt anxious, knowing you were not in your comfort zone. Other times, you might have struggled to talk to your classmates out of shyness. Nevertheless, you got around to making friends after overcoming your bashful demeanor.

It seems that dogs also get shy during their first day of school. A cute bulldog Fella knows the feeling, and it looks like he is struggling to make friends. Despite that, he still charms the internet with his adorableness and innocence.

Fellas first day at the puppy club

Fella was evidently struggling on his first day at the puppy daycare, as he showed little to no enthusiasm when it came to stepping out of his comfort zone. In a clip uploaded to the dogs TikTok page called @fellathebulldog, you could see the pups first moments at the puppy club. He was sticking with his human, and he didnt want to mingle with other dogs.

The said video ended with Fella choosing to stay in one corner of the club. The in-video caption seemingly voiced Fellas thoughts that were asking for someone to send help.

Although the pup might have initially been reluctant to meet his classmates, a subsequent clip showed him making some friends. At this point, he got his bearings, and he started playing with others.

The netizens couldnt get enough of Fella!

As of this writing, Fellas clip has more than one million views, 173K likes, 2.3K shares, and 701 comments. People found Fellas behavior at the puppy club highly relatable. Some, on the other hand, shared a similar experience with their dogs.

One said that her bulldog did the exact, same thing shy at first and then playful in the end. Another said that the dog seemed to want to go home instead of staying at the puppy club. A third TikTok user said that the world was a crazy place and that Fella should hold on tight.


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Video Source: Fella the Bulldog via YouTube

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