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Athletic Doggo Breaks World Record for Longest Frisbee Catch

Aside from saving lives and keeping our communities safe, our dogs are constantly up for new tricks. Yes, we do this to entertain ourselves, but it also benefits our pets. When our dogs do tricks for us, they get some exercise, relieve boredom, and receive tasty goodies.
However, “doggie trick” did not adequately describe Rob Macleod and his doggo Sailor’s achievement at MacMahon Stadium last year. The dog dad from Calgary, Alberta, is better known as “Frisbee Rob” since he is a Frisbee ambassador who travels across Canada. However, on that historic night, Rob and his dog, Sailor set out to achieve the world’s longest frisbee catch.
Rob and Sailor walked onto the field during the football game’s halftime break to complete this monumental undertaking. Rob was dressed in the home team’s football shirt, while the border collie and greyhound mix was dressed in an adorable pink jumper.
The dog parent warmed up with a few frisbee throws, and Sailor was eager to contribute. The first toss was around 30 yards, and the second was about a hundred. The duo aims for Sailor to catch the frisbee in the endzone and intends to go as far as possible.
Rob threw the disc 105 yards on the third attempt, and Sailor quickly collected it. We must admit, this pup’s legs are rather remarkable! Rob then chose to toss another, but the doggo could not catch the frisbee this time.
The dog parent then spoke with Sailor to energize him as he gathered his breath. This time, Rob tossed the frisbee for 109 yards, and Sailor caught it in the endzone!

Credits:?Frisbee Rob

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