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An Elderly Dog Discovered Lying In A Field Becomes a Beautiful Addition To A Family.

DAR Animal Rescue received an urgent call from a man who saw an elderly dog on the side of the road. According to him, the puppy dashed across the busy street and into the nearby fields. He thought it was a stray, but when he saw how clean and well-fed it was, he knew it had been abandoned.
Curious and disturbed, the man pulled over and got out of his car to closely examine the dog. It didn’t even flee when he approached it. It was just lying on the grass when he noticed the massive tumor on its belly.
The man provided all of the necessary information, and the group’s lead rescuer, Ermioni Giannakou, was instantly on his way to save the dog. She arrived at the rescue site and found the pup exactly where it had been about an hour before. She picked it up gently, loaded it into her car, and drove it straight to the emergency animal hospital.
Like the Good Samaritan, the rescuer believed the dog had a previous owner. It wasn’t skinny, and it wasn’t afraid of people. It was most likely dumped on the streets due to a health issue.
The puppy, now named Chie, was hospitalized for several weeks. Finally, after making all of the necessary preparations, the vets declared her fit for surgery, and she had her tumor removed. Thanks to her expert vet team, she needed a little more time to recover, but she was up and running in no time.
While Chie was in the hospital, Ermioni paid her daily visits. She did it to gain its complete trust and was not disappointed. They became close after a month, and she was able to bring the dog to one of DAR Animal Rescue’s facilities, where it continued to recover.
Chie was between the ages of 7 and 8 when she was rescued. She had cataracts in both eyes and was unable to see her surroundings. Finding a foster parent, let alone an adoptive family, was complicated, given her medical condition. But, surprisingly, an elderly couple stepped forward and offered to care for her until the end of her life.
It wasn’t an official adoption, but it worked just as well. Instead of spending her final days on the streets or in a shelter, Chie gets to spend them with people who care.

Credits,image and capture to DAR Animal Rescue

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