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An Abandoned Dog Visits a Stranger’s Home Every Day And Insists On Coming In, So They Decided To Foster Him

Residents of a charming Korean neighborhood frequently see a white dog strolling around their area. This dog is a social butterfly that is also friendly and lively. He travels from house to house, primarily in search of a place to stay with a family. One specific house has risen to the top of his list of favorites.

The dog would frequently visit this specific residence, and he would even try to fit his head and body under the gate in an attempt to gain in. This is a household with multiple dogs living in it, and the dogs may be under the impression that this would be a fantastic location to call home.

Unfortunately, though, the lady of the house does not wish him to be there.

Please! let me in

Bbunsoon, as the woman’s husband would refer to him, has a reputation for being relentless. As a result, when the spouse feels sorry for him, he would welcome him into the home. Not before his wife brings the smaller dogs inside the house, though.

Bbunsoon is overjoyed as he gets into the front yard and begins to gallop about. In addition, the guy would provide him with food and drink. Although the woman objected to his being at her home, he found it to be the most welcoming of all the houses in the area.

Bbunsoon was a family member’s pet. He enjoyed the inside of the house just as much as he did the outside. He expressed an interest in accompanying everyone into the home as they entered. But, of course, he couldn’t because the lady within wouldn’t let it.

He pushed his way through the weak wire screen door, proving that he is a tenacious hound. The lady became even more upset as a result of this. Finally, he had no choice but to be escorted back to the outdoors by his husband. Even more problematic was the chore of getting him out of the starting gate.

What are your plans?

As a result of his curiosity about why the dog was always around their home, the guy decided to attach a tiny camera to the dog’s collar. And when he returned, they were shocked to discover how depressing his life had become. He stays at several different places, but he is constantly booted out. He attempts to approach individuals who are strolling along the street, but they continuously run away from him.

After a brief but heartfelt chat with his wife, the frightened couple agreed to take in the puppy as foster parents. They set up a bed on their porch for him, and he will remain there until they can track down his owner or find someone to adopt him.


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