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After The Judge Allowed The Dog To Run Free In The Courtroom, The Stolen Dog Was Reunited With His Rightful Owner.

There’s something special about the bond between a man and a dog. So, when this owner’s beloved pet, Baby Boy, died, he was at his lowest point. He thought his best friend, a tiny Poodle, was gone for good, but fate surprised him in the most unexpected place.
After his dog Baby Boy went missing, the owner and his dog met again in court. Unfortunately, the Poodle was stolen and sold to an inexperienced woman. She instantly fell in love with the adorable pup, but she had no idea she’d be fighting for him in court and heartbroken.
Baby Boy’s original owner was determined to reclaim him, so he took the case to court. However, the new owner refused to give up the dog so quickly. As a result, she attempted to sue the original owner in court and asserted her rightful ownership of Baby Boy.
But Judge Jody, the judge in charge of the case, had other plans. The video shows a woman carrying a Baby Boy walking to the courtroom. Judge Jody ordered her to put the dog down, and the most touching scene followed.
When the second Baby Boy saw his original owner, he ran up to him. The clip shows how much he missed his father as his tail wagged excitedly. The adorable little puppy was jumping for joy, and when his new owner picked him up, the game was over.
The other party’s lawyer tried to persuade Judge Jody that the dog did this to everyone. However, the dog’s reaction had convinced the judge that the man was the original owner. What else would suffice if the dog’s response and the original owner’s tears weren’t enough?

Source The Animal Rescue Site via?YouTube

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