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Adorable Therapy Dog Helps Children Cope With Stress And Encourages Them To Read

Trauma is hard to deal with. It will involve a lot of strong emotions, which can be overwhelming and will tend to have an impact on our overall well-being.

As adults, coping with trauma can be challenging. We can only really imagine how children are affected.

When children experience trauma, they also experience anxiety and depression, which can be hard for them to cope with. There are so many emotions involved, which can mentally and emotionally scar them. Trauma can significantly affect their skills to learn basic skills, such as reading. Fortunately, therapy can help children get over their traumatic experiences.

Studies have found that an animal, such as a cuddly dog, can have a calming effect on children that are experiencing anxiety, depression, and stress. Because of the calming effect that dogs have, the children tend to relax more and encourage them to concentrate on learning and develop their skills, such as reading.

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A dog named Gizmo has been helping children ever since he was a puppy. During a hike, Gizmo was approached by a teenage boy who recently lost his father due to a tragic accident. The boy talked to Gizmo about how he felt and he let out all the emotions that he felt about losing his father. Gizmo’s owner, Jen Adams, was quite amazed by how much Gizmo helped the young boy cope with the loss of his father and she decided that Gizmo’s talent can help other kids in need.

After getting trained to become a certified therapy dog, Gizmo started helping children who experienced trauma. Gizmo is a natural and his efforts to help kids were even recognized by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health. Gizmo may be a small dog but he makes such a huge difference for the kids he works with.

Gizmo’s calming energy even encourages children to read to him. Some children who have no confidence to speak because of being bullied in school gain confidence to read out loud thanks to Gizmo. Gizmo also works in the local children’s hospital where he lays down next to children in pain. His calming effect on kids also helps ease the pain that they are feeling. Here’s a heartwarming video showing how Gizmo helps children deal with stress and encourage them to read.

Video Source OnlyGood TV via YouTube

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