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Adorable Pit Bull Was A Bait Dog Now He Always Has A Security Blanket With Him

When you look at Bub, a rescue Pit Bull, you would never guess that this dog has had a difficult life.

Bub was once used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. These types of entertainment are precisely what give Pit Bulls like him a bad reputation. But who knew he was just a dog looking for hugs, cuddles, and toys?

His time in the dogfighting ring had taken its toll on him. He began to lose weight and became infected. But, most importantly, he was traumatized.

As a result, Bub rose to the top of the kill list at his shelter. But then, just moments before his scheduled euthanasia, someone came to his rescue. But what he thought was a better life didn’t turn out the way he expected. Instead, his so-called rescuers neglected him and kept him in the garage.

However, Bub’s life was transformed when Katharine adopted him and became his new mother. And this woman made certain that Bub would only receive the love and care he deserved from that point forward. As a result, Bub now has a home that is warm, comfortable, and loving. He doesn’t have to be concerned about being a bait dog.

But, as with most things, everything must go through a period of transition. It took some time for Bub to start trusting and letting go of his fears. He developed separation anxiety and became distressed whenever he was separated from his human.

To help Bub adjust to his newfound solitude, Katharine stuffed his crate with pillows and toys and made it as comfortable as possible. As a result, Bub began to regard his crate as a haven from then on.

Bub discovered his love for blankets around the same time! So Bub always carries his blanket with him when Katharine lets him out of his crate.

Now, whenever Katharine comes home from work, Bub brings something with him to greet his mother. The practice eventually became a part of his daily routine. Bub continued to use his blanket to comfort himself, despite Katharine’s expectations.

When they got another Pit Bull, Simon, he mimicked his behavior as well! They began dragging random items as they greeted their mother at the door. It’s a strange sight.

Katharine became an advocate for pit bulls after adopting two of them. They may appear intimidating and vicious on the outside, but they are just like little puppies on the inside. She hopes that Bub and Simon will change people’s attitudes toward Pit Bulls and that animal exploitation will soon end.

Source: Inside Edition viaYouTubeand Bub & Simon-National Park Pits viaInstagram


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