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Adorable Dog Politely Asks His Mom To Retrieve His Ball That Was Stuck In The Pool

All dog parents know that teaching our pups to be polite and disciplined takes a lot of training. Doggos are naturally rude knuckleheads, but we love that about them. They’re honest and they show how they feel without any reservation. However, if you don’t want your doggos to behave like this, you could always teach them.

There are thousands if not millions of pups out there who are pretty well-mannered, but we believe that the pooch in this viral video is perhaps one of the most unique. Meet Coachie, a Golden Retriever with a golden heart. This active pupper loves swimming, especially when he has his toys floating around the pool.

In the clip below, little Coachie had a mishap while enjoying a fine day in the swimming pool. His favorite ball went into a small opening on one of the swimming pool’s walls. Other doggos would loudly bark at their owners to get their attention. But Coachie has a more refined way of doing things.

He just looked at his mom while leaning on that opening, and the pupper waited until his human noticed that something was wrong. The dog mom asked him where his ball went, and the smart pooch looked at the hole in the pool. When the woman approached Coachie, he looked like a real gentleman. Check it out below.

The adorable doggo was standing on his hind legs and his front paws were crossed, just like a butler waiting for his master’s bidding. Coachie’s human couldn’t help but laugh at how polite the doggo looked, and we can’t blame her. We also couldn’t hold back our laughter when we saw how Coachie looked.

It’s as if he was very sorry that he had to trouble his mom to get the ball. Well, Coachie, you keep doing what you are doing, and you pretty much could ask any human to do all of your requests.

Credits: BVIRAL

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