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Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Loves His Human Sister So Much That He Checks On Her Every Night

Berkley, the Bernese Mountain Dog, was just a small pup when he was adopted by Christine Jo Miller and her then-boyfriend, Jon, back in college. Since then, the canine had been with the couple through many of their other milestones, including marriage, their first house purchase, and even their kids’ birth.

It was quite safe to say that the couple loved Berkley just as much as they did their kids. However, when Christine gave birth to her first daughter, Elainey, she hesitated to let the Bernese Mountain Dog near her. She was worried that big Berkley’s energetic personality might be too much for her little one to handle.

So in the first few months, the fur mom decided it was best to set some boundaries for the pup. She would still let the canine see his little sister, but she wouldn’t leave him alone with her for longer than a second.

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Eventually, though, Christine realized how happy her daughter was whenever Berkley was around. And since she didn’t want to spoil that happiness, she allowed the pooch to stay with her longer. That was when Christine and Jon discovered that the Bernese Mountain Dog was actually very gentle and calm around kids.

Berkley never did anything inappropriate whenever he was with Elainey, much to his fur parents’ amazement. But what fascinated the couple more was the canine’s adorable nighttime habit that they didn’t know about until they set up baby monitors in their daughter’s room.

That night, the couple was checking the monitors as usual when they saw the pooch unexpectedly enter the room. They were concerned that he might disturb Elainey’s sleep. However, instead of doing so, Berkley simply looked at the crib, and once he realized everything was well, he immediately went out of the room.

Christine and Jon were quite shocked, to say the least, but their hearts melted at the thought of Berkley looking out for his sister without them telling him to do so. Watch the pup’s adorable nighttime routine here.


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