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A Spanish Greyhound Turns A Lot Of Heads With Her Very Long Neck

Meet Ketama, a Spanish Greyhound with a very unusual yet fascinating feature; the two-year-old has a long (really long) neck measuring 25 centimeters. But even with this head-turning feature, the dog’s long neck isn’t the only exciting thing about her it’s her inspiring story.

Ketama had a very rough start in life. She was a victim of abuse as her former owner uses her mainly for hunting.

Most people who raise them, especially in Spain, see them as nothing but tools for hunting and racing, as their speed and slender body are perfect for these things. Also, hunting is a big tradition in Spain, that is why the inhuman treatment for Spanish Greyhounds is almost impossible to eradicate.

Those people who train them for hunting and racing treat them as disposable tools to either kill or dump when they underperform before and after those activities. And that’s where Ketama exactly came from.

But fortunately, she was saved by a couple named Monique Morsink, 30, and Martjin ten Voorde, 31, and brought her with them to the Netherlands.

Ketama’s new mother admitted that heads never fail to turn towards Ketama, mainly because of her long neck whenever she walks her new Greyhound on the streets. According to Monique, her dog is longer, but just in the neck, compared to female dogs with the same breeds. One more fascinating fact she shared is that Ketama has the measurements of a boy!

But fascinating things about the rescued Greyhound doesn’t end there. Monique also shared that Ketama is pretty agile; that’s why she can escape easily on a typical harness without much effort. That is why she has to be leashed with both a collar and a safety harness.

But these are not the only surprising things that Ketama hides under her sleeves (err, collar). According to her mother, she is also a goofy and smart dog!

Monique fondly remembers a moment one morning when Ketama was actually ”planning something” that she realized when it was already too late. According to Monique, when she was eating at the table, Ketama put her ball under the table and started crying. Concerned, she knelt to get the ball, but suddenly, the clever Ketama leaped to her table and snatched her yummy breakfast!

The lady dog has, indeed, quirky sides. But Monique and her husband are still happy and grateful to have her in their life.

Ketama was part of Spain’s many rescue centers with one goal in mind: to save Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) from abuse and maltreatments. And Ketama is living proof that their efforts are bearing fruits; the once-neglected Spanish Greyhound is now enjoying the love of her new and permanent family.

Source: Faima Bakar via Metro

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