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A Sleeping Puppy Awakens To a Starbucks Pup Cup, And the look on His face When He Realizes He Has A Treat Is Priceless

Puppies, like children, react to treats in the same way. That’s just the way they are, and their adorable reaction to the good stuff never fails to make us smile.

This couple recently acquired a new puppy. Blue is a Labrador Retriever, and his owners named him. The new fur parents were so excited about him that they bought him a Starbucks puppy cup.

The ecstatic mother filmed everything in her car, demonstrating how her new baby was completely unaware of her plans. Blue was dozing off in his new father’s arms, and it was all so adorable.

Mom eventually went for the cup and placed it under the sleeping pup’s nose. We could tell the puppy was sleeping because he had that disoriented look we all get when awakened from a deep sleep.

Blue was probably trying to make sense of what was going on around him, but the moment his nose picked up a scent, he put everything else aside. The puppy slurped his drink as fast as he could.

We love how his eyes widened when he realized his new parents had lavished him with such thoughtful gifts. That cappuccino will do the trick, Blue.

The Labrador went from sleep to wakefulness in less than two seconds. What a lucky dog, and how thoughtful of mom and dad to show their new puppy the extraordinary life.

Blue, this is only the beginning. There must be so much more out there for you. Just wait until you get to go on hikes and road trips around the world to realize how wonderful life truly is.

Credits toBViralvia YouTube

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