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A Senior Dog With Cancer Is Brought Home By A Man And Witnesses His Transformation Into An Active And Happy Canine

When Henry, 16, was surrendered to the shelter by his prior owners, the staff realized finding him a new home would be difficult. He had already lost vision in one eye and was suffering from testicular cancer. Many potential adopters have turned away as a result of this.

Zach Skow, fortunately, came to Henry’s rescue. Zach was a co-founder of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, a Central California-based non-profit that fostered shelter canines on the verge of being euthanized. Zach knew right away that he wanted to help the senior dog the moment he met him.

As a result, he made plans with the shelter to foster Henry right away. He soon found himself driving the sweet canine back to his house. The adjustment wasn’t simple, though, because the puppy’s health was already deteriorating. He couldn’t even walk, and Zach could hear him laboring to breathe.

Henry’s foster fur dad was well aware that he might only have a few weeks left. But he was determined to make the senior dog’s final days as pleasant as possible. That’s why, as soon as they came home, Zach treated him to a delicious lunch and a comfy bed.

Surprisingly, this appeared to work as Henry grew more animated the next day. He began to move about on his own after that, and eventually, he was following his fur dad around the yard. Henry had transformed into a boisterous, full-of-life dog before Zach’s eyes.

Because he had cancer, he removed his testicles surgically. Then, he became even more active and joyful. Zach couldn’t believe how much he had changed since bringing him home, but he was glad it had been for the better. Soon after, the charity began receiving applications for the senior dog’s adoption.

They’ve finally found the ideal family for Henry. He has since relocated to a new home, where he is lavished with attention and treats. Here’s a link to his touching story.

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