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A Senior Dog Was Discovered Trapped In a Car By The Road, Waiting For His Deceased Owner To Return.

A woman from Humboldt County, California, has a remarkable rescue story. The plot revolves around a tiny dog rescued from a trapped car and waiting for his owner to return. And while the pup had a happy ending, the circumstances that led to it were tragic.


The story began when the woman came across an abandoned car on the side of the road. She approached the vehicle, curious to see what was going on. She discovered a dog inside. As a result, she immediately contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The lady stood by the side of the vehicle, waiting for the authorities. Soon after, the terrified dog was set free. They also began looking into who owned the car and the dog. And what they discovered was heartbreaking.

The dog’s owner appears to have committed suicide. He took his dog with him when he left his house. He then parked the car where they found it and locked the dog inside. He then went off to commit suicide.

The Golden Years

Authorities contacted the man’s next of kin and learned that the dog’s name is Banks, who is 15 years old. They could not accept Banks and asked if they could find him a good home. The solitary canine was then transported to the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.

One of the shelter’s employees recalled that they had an approved applicant looking for a senior dog to adopt. So they called her and invited her to meet Banks.

Fortunately, the two came right away, and she was more than willing to provide a good life for Banks in his golden years.

Source: Humboldt County Sheriff?s Office via?Facebook

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