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A Puppy With A Birth Defect Survived On The Streets On Its Own And Is Now Looking For A New Home.

Estrella Irma Loayza, a freelance rescuer from Lima, Peru, was driving home when she came across a teeny tiny black puppy on the streets. Despite the darkness, she knew exactly where it was because the poor child cried. She didn’t know what was wrong with it but knew she had to help it, so she took it home and named it Gloria.
Gloria was only about 15 days old when she was rescued. Because of her deformed hind legs, she was unable to stand correctly. The more surprising aspect was that her anal opening did not develop. Despite her condition, she had a voracious appetite. She drank the milk her rescuer had given her and finished it in minutes.
It was unclear how long the rescuer had been on the streets before being discovered. There was also no word on the dog’s mother or owner if it had one. There was only one certainty: it needed to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.
Estrella Irma took the puppy to the veterinarian’s office in the morning, and the doctors advised surgery to correct Gloria’s congenital disability. It was a high-risk procedure, but the puppy’s only chance at everyday life.
Gloria soon underwent surgery, and the vets declared her operation successful hours later. She needed a few weeks of bed rest but couldn’t wait to get back on her feet. She jumped out of bed and started playing as soon as she felt better.
Gloria recovered entirely within three weeks. She was fine and knew she wouldn’t have survived if it hadn’t been for her rescuer. Estrella Irma was so grateful that she stopped and helped her even when people passed.
Gloria’s health has improved, so it’s time for her to find a new home. She is extremely young, with many years ahead of her. Let’s spread the word about her story and help this little girl find her forever home.

Credits to Stray Paws

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