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A Puppy Who Was Hit By A Car Is Finally Receiving Medical Attention And Is On His Way To Full Recovery.

A stray dog momma gave birth to a dog named Chopper, but it wasn’t long before a man discovered and adopted him. It was supposed to be the beginning of a better life until he was hit by a car. He was in excruciating pain, but his owner did not take him to the hospital.
Chopper’s condition worsens if he is not treated. His injuries became more heinous as he grew in stature. His back legs twisted, and he was paralyzed from the waist down.
Members of the Bali Rescue Dog Squad eventually discovered chopper. They hadn’t determined his exact condition yet, but they had decided to save him. So they rushed to his home, and while no one seemed to mind, the locals were displeased that the rescuers had shown up to assist him.
The owner’s son stated that his father would be enraged if he discovered Chopper was missing. Even the rescuers’ neighbors advised them not to take the dog. They even dared the rescuers to try to touch the pup to see if they could handle his ferocity.
Chopper wasn’t easy to catch, but that wasn’t because he was a braggart. On the contrary, he was afraid of people because he had never received any kindness. But as soon as he started feeling better, his witty personality shone through, and he proved to be an actual snuggle bug.
Chopper had three complicated surgeries to correct his legs and hips. He made it through, but the aftercare required more effort. He had to go through rehabilitation and therapy sessions, which he wasn’t always up for.
Despite his difficulties, Chopper made considerable progress. He responded well to treatment and, for the first time, was able to use his legs. He got to his feet, took a few steps, and began climbing the stairs.
Chopper continues to thrive and never fails to show that he is more significant than any or all of his problems. And, because he is such a brave and resilient young man, there is no doubt he will recover completely in no time.

Credits to?Bali Rescue Dog Squad?and?Stray Paws

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