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A Pet Isn’t a Toy Or an Item, a Pet is Member of Family, Not a Thing You Can Throw Away

Why Dogs are so Important in Children’s Life

A dog is not a toy or an item. A dog should be part of the family. It is not something that can be thrown away.


Many children insistently ask their parents for a puppy for Christmas or as a birthday present. If the parents accept, they should be aware that dogs are acquired for life, not to use or play for a while until they get bored.


Bringing home a puppy is an act of commitment and maturity. The decision to get a puppy is often made without knowing the advantages and disadvantages that pets can have for children.


Dogs have many advantages for children, especially those who live alone, without siblings or busy parents.


A puppy provides company, love, and protection to kids. It also ends up being the best friend, the recipient of the conversations, secrets, emotions, joys, and fears.

A dog contributes to making kids more responsible. Also, dogs help children be healthier because they do more physical exercise since dogs can keep them very active.


Before acquiring a dog, parents need to think about and answer four questions:

abandoned dog 2

Who will take care of the dog?


Although the children have a firm intention of caring for the pet, the reality is that sooner or later, they will do it partially or decline this responsibility, either due to lack of time or lack of maturity to assume this commitment.

The parents have to assume this responsibility. A dog is not a toy that can be abandoned. It is a living being that feels and suffers.

Are there any contraindications or dangers?

Before acquiring a dog, you must be sure that no one in the family is allergic to the animal.

Can the cost be assumed?

The maintenance involves expenses for food, vaccines, veterinary checks, and others.

Is there space in the house?

Dogs need a physical space, so before getting a dog, you must think about a new member’s place.


If the answers to those questions are positive, consider the possibility of getting a dog for your child. A dog is a friend for life.

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