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A Maltese Who Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill Ended Up Winning The World’s Cutest Dog Contest

A rescue dog named Lamb Chop recently made headlines by winning the worlds cutest dog contest. The dog is enjoying being a celebrity now, but things were not always easy for her.

Christin Schubert, who works in the Harley Davidson IT department, adopted Lamb Chop, a Maltese, in December 2014.

Schubert was looking to adopt a new pet after the death of her cat named Seven. She wanted to get a shelter animal and hoped to make a special connection with her new pet. During a visit to a local Humane Society, she saw Lamb Chop, and the dog immediately struck her heart. The 41-year-old had no plans to get a dog but Lamb Chop changed all that.

I hadnt planned on getting a canine, but she was so small. I fell in love with the dog, Schubert told reporters.

Well, Schubert was not the only one who was won over by the pooch the Maltese also stole the hearts of many voters during a dog contest. Schubert had made Lamb Chop compete in the Worlds Cutest Rescue Dog Contest, and the pooch ended up winning the event.

There were 10,000 canines taking part in the contest, but none stood a chance against the Maltese.

Lamb Chop not only took the first place, but she also received $1000 to donate to whatever charity she liked, a years worth of food supply, and an appearance on Good Morning America.

Lamb Chop had a rough life initially and was rescued from a puppy mill. When the pooch was found, the vet had to remove all her teeth because they had become rotten. The poor dog also had several tumors that needed surgical removal.

When Schubert brought the Maltese to her home for the first time, the dog was scared to be around people. Thanks to Schubert, Lamb Chop quickly started behaving like normal dogs and ended up reaching canine stardom.

Image source: Christin Schubert via Facebook

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