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A Loving Puppy Serves as a Guide for a Blind Golden Retriever

Tao, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever, had a perfect vision for the majority of his life. He, too, lived a happy and contented life. However, when he entered his senior year, he was diagnosed with glaucoma, which eventually caused him to lose his vision.

Tao gradually learned how to move around without relying on his vision. Even though he lacked one of his senses, his family wanted him to live a more comfortable life. As a result, they got Tao a guide puppy named Oko. The two Golden Retrievers clicked right away and are now best friends.

Tao’s New Life

According to Melanie Jackson, Tao, and Oko’s mommy, Tao’s loss of sight came unexpectedly. He was excellent in the morning when it happened, then a few hours later he started to shake his head continuously as if something was bothering him. When they brought him to the vet a few hours later, the vet determined he was already blind due to glaucoma. On that day, the vet removed one of Taco’s eyes too.

The vets suggested euthanasia for Tao, but Melanie did not want to give up on him quickly. Tao was a part of her family, and she tried to find a way for him to live happily even without sight. She did not mind the extra cost that will come with it as long as Tao can spend his remaining years healthily and happily.

Tao got to keep his second eye for a few more days. And, Jackson took this time to train Tao to move around even without his eyesight. Like a pro, Tao can already move on his own when the time to remove his second eye comes.

Jackson and her family did not want Tao to struggle, so they decided to get Oko. As soon as Oko moved in, he instantly loved Tao. The Golden Retriever pup follows his big brother everywhere he goes and also guides him on a leash when necessary.

Tao also seemed happier with his younger brother around. They play together and even have naps by each other’s side. Tao and Oko share a beautiful bond. And, their mom Melanie couldn’t be happier about her decision to bring these two lovable dogs together.

Photo credits to Tao’s Instagram page.

3 responses to “A Loving Puppy Serves as a Guide for a Blind Golden Retriever”

  1. Melinda McClelland Avatar
    Melinda McClelland

    I had one that was deaf and another that was blind. They were each others companions. They alerted each other when needed and helped each other around the house.

  2. Cathy Howarth Avatar
    Cathy Howarth

    Hi everyone My little man(Barney) became blind when he got diabetes and got cataracts. HE WAS SO SMART ,we had just moved and after 2 days he knew how to get around not once bumping into anything. He recognized ppl by their voice, and some by smell, he’s been gone now 11 years and I miss him every day ,love you little buddy…

    1. Ricardo Bosqui Avatar
      Ricardo Bosqui

      Thank you for sharing!

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