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A Homeless Dog Successfully Selects A Stranger Who Was Kind To Her

For Mohd Ridhuan and his companions, what was intended to be a routine day in Johor Bahru took an unexpected turn. When they came across a pack of homeless dogs, they took in the scenery and enjoyed their discussion. Ridhuan approached the flock and gave them something to eat, being the enormous animal lover he is.

Ridhuan’s generosity in sharing his meals with the strays was greatly appreciated. They licked his hands to show him how much they enjoyed his kindness. Ridhuan was affected by his new four-legged pals’ actions, and he made a mental point to pay them another visit.

Ridhuan went to the seashore to visit the homeless canines when he finally had the opportunity. When they recognized him and ran towards him, he was overjoyed.

Weekly routine

Ridhuan’s visits to the got more frequent over time. He’d drop by to see his furry friends whenever his schedule permitted. So naturally, the dogs grew to anticipate his visits as well.

Sally, a white and brown stray puppy, started to hunt for him when he didn’t show up one day. She was so determined to find him that she didn’t even invite the other stray dogs to join her. Instead, she tracked down his scent and discovered the convenience shop where he worked.

A delightful surprise

When Ridhuan saw Sally outside the store, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was ecstatic that she had found him, but he couldn’t help but be concerned about her safety. Unfortunately, when night falls, a lot of dangerous things can happen to homeless pets.

Even though he wanted to adopt her, he couldn’t because pets aren’t allowed in his flat. As a result, he decided to share Sally’s tale on Twitter to assist her in finding her forever home. So far, he hasn’t had much luck, but he is determined to find a loving home for his four-legged best friend.

Credits toRidhuan

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