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A Goldie Retrievers Cheerful And Adorable Reaction To The Return Of Her Close Friends

Dogs enjoy spending their time with their fur family. They would enthusiastically join their humans no matter what activity they are doing.

A Golden Retriever was the happiest when its family returned after taking a trip. Even though the dog could not really talk, its actions conveyed the happiness that it was feeling upon seeing its most beloved people in the world.

In this joyful video, a cream-colored Golden Retriever named E exited a room. At first glance, it appeared like the dog was simply preparing for an afternoon walk. But before the dog could reach the corridor, though, E abruptly stopped and looked at its furry parent. Soon after, a series of door knocks can be heard.

As soon as E heard the loud knocking, he dashed in the direction of the door. Yet, before the Goldie could even approach the door to their home, its fur mom dashed excitedly to unlock it. And as soon as the fur mom opened the door, E’s tail would stop wagging. Imagine the dogs joy upon seeing his loving fur dad just right outside their home.

Before Dad could enter their home, E enthusiastically greeted him and even attempted to pounce as a way of welcoming him. Dad was so delighted to see his furry best buddy that he even engaged in a brief bout of play with it.

Nonetheless, it appeared that more guests would be arriving as Dad and Mom urged the excited doggo to sit quietly. Mom even had to repeat the command for E to follow what she was telling him to do.

As any obedient dog would, E complied with his fur owners’ requests while gazing wistfully at the door. The dogs fur mom continued to tell him to wait a bit more.

Who showed up? Watch the video to find out.

Source: Rumble Viral

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