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A Dog That Had Been Abandoned In The Desert Is Taken In By A New Family And Now Enjoys Road Trips Across The Country In A Van

A couple, Sierra and Jayden, were traveling across the Utah desert when they spotted Birdie, a stray dog, running across the interstate. The dog was barely avoiding traffic and was in grave danger, so the young couple did an immediate U-turn and returned to check on her.
Fortunately, they had no trouble locating Birdie as she approached their automobile freely. Sierra and Jayden then realized she did not look like a stray dog. She appeared to be someone’s pet, as she appeared to be well-cared for.
Recognizing that the dog may have just gotten lost, the pair started to search for the dog’s home and eventually found it. Unfortunately, her owners said they no longer wanted her, so they gave her to Sierra and Jayden.
The couple wished they could adopt her, but their apartment did not allow them to keep dogs. Ultimately, they were compelled to contact one of their friends, who recommended a woman named Brianna Madia.
When Brianna first learned about Birdie, she was apprehensive to adopt her. She had two older dogs at home and was unsure how they would react to adding a lively doggo. But Brianna found that she could not refuse the cute animal, so she offered to foster Birdie until a permanent home could be found.
However, the unruly dog became a foster fail soon enough. Several weeks after bringing Birdie home, Brianna made the dog a permanent family member. After seeing how well she got along with her two dogs, she realized she could not separate her from them.
Additionally, the dog appeared to like her mother’s nomadic lifestyle since they frequently spent months living and traveling in a van.
Birdie’s story began with her owners abandoning her, but she now lives a life of adventure and love.

Source: The Dodo

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