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A Dog Lost During A Wildfire Was Found And Reunited With Its Owner After Being Separated For More Than A Month

Almost every year, the state of California is hit by wildfires, which are one of the country’s deadliest natural disasters. Some are caused by arid conditions, where a tiny spark can ignite acres of trees, while others result from irresponsible people.

A campfire started one of the state’s wildfires, which became the deadliest ever. It destroyed nearly 20,000 buildings, killed 85 people, and separated many pets from their owners.

Madison, an Anatolian Shepherd, was separated from her owner, Andrea Gaylord, during the wildfire. Andrea had only a few minutes to pack her belongings and leave her house, which was in the path of the wildfire while evacuating. Andrea could not locate Madison and her sibling, Miguel, during the evacuation. Andrea was forced to leave her two puppies behind as the fire approached her neighborhood.

Andrea, understandably, was concerned about her dogs and requested assistance locating them. Andrea eventually sought the aid of a woman named Shayla Sullivan, who worked as an animal rescuer. Shayla was working with other animal rescuers at the time to find missing pets and reunite them with their families. Shayla and her team could locate Miguel and return him to the shelter to be reunited with Andrea. Madison, however, was nowhere to be found.

Shayla and Andrea, on the other hand, never gave up hope, and they knew Madison was still looking for them. Shayla left food near the last place she was seen, assuming she didn’t stray far from home. Madison was finally found after three days of searching. Madison was seen sitting and guarding a property that used to be Andrea’s home. Madison, now a pile of burned debris, refused to leave the area and would not be apprehended by the rescuers.

Although Andrea was relieved to learn that Madison had been found alive, she was not permitted to visit what remained of her home for another month. Finally, when Andrea and the other residents were allowed to return to their homes, Madison came out as soon as she saw Andrea. Madison was wagging her tail happily, and Andrea was delighted that her family had been reunited. Madison’s survival during the ordeal remains a mystery, but here’s a video that tells the entire story of how Madison was discovered and reunited with her family.

Video Source Zoo Land viaYouTube

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