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A Cat Mortifies a Whole Neighborhood With Shoe Theft

Jordan is a charming cat with a weird fascination. He lives with his owner, Bj Ross, in Altoona, Pennsylvania (EE UU). For some years, he has taken Ross presents every time he goes out to explore the streets at night.

Ross started to notice a large number of shoes in her garden and she would just dispose of them. However, she later discovered the shoes were presents from Jordan, her lovely pet. Therefore, she created a Facebook account that now has more than 34 thousand members waiting to get their shoes back. This made Jordan famous and now many more enjoy reading his pranks.

Ross bought a GPS and installed a camera in the garden to see him and so she has videos of her pet coming back home with the booty in his mouth.

Jordan does not seem to feel guilty about his pranks and enjoys seeing the collection of shoes that he has acquired as a gift to his owner.

Jordan seems to like taking even pairs of shoes to his owner and the GPC shows his long journeys that reached from 11 to 13 miles every night with double journeys for a pair of shoes, one at a time.

Ross may share on Facebook images of the items that her cat takes home every night with the hope of reuniting the pairs of shoes with their owners.

For now, everyone enjoys the posts of the items that this daring cat takes from other people’s homes. So, neighbors know if their shoes disappear, they have most likely been taken and Jordan certainly knows about it.

It is worth mentioning that Jordan has an accomplice, his brother Mistletoe. This can be seen in the posts as well.


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