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A Caring Dog Looks After Five Adorable Puppies Who Their Mother rejected

A Korean family was worried that their dog refused to look after her litter. Byeol didn’t want to feed them and always kept them away from the puppies when they were born.

She ignored her babies, and every time she was brought to her side, she would act. So finally, there was no choice but to feed the pups with bottles.

Substitute mother

When the pups were a couple of weeks old, they would try to go to their mother and spend all of their time. But Byeol is going to be aggressive. She had nothing to do with her children, especially if they have hyperactive and rowdy.

Like most dogs, the puppies like to ride and play. They’re also very curious and would look around them. They would also chew anything that could be brought into their teeth. Luckily, the family had a second adult female dog, who would substitute her mother.

Model Role

Dal used the mantle as the role model of the five pups. She taught them how to be dogs and also straightened them up when they were too nonsense. Of course, she’d play a lot with them as well. She adored them, even if they weren’t her puppies.

However, the family eventually noticed Dal’s exhaustion. The five married couples had become too many. She began to be sad and sometimes even refused food. The owners thought they might need an adult male dog to help her in her parenthood. That’s when Doil came to the photo.

Common responsibility

The female dog didn’t want to be friends with him at the start when Doil was introduced to Dal. Whenever she tried to approach her, she snarled at Doil. Finally, the male dog went to the five puppies and played with them, seeing that it wasn’t yet ready.

When Dal realized that her new friend loved the pups, she opened herself to her. As she played, she would join them, and she accepted him as a new family member. And now, she can share the tasks of raising the five pups.

Source: SBS TV viaYoutube

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