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A Bereaved Biker Adopts An 18-Year-Old Shelter Dog Who Has Recently Lost His Elderly Owner.

Julep, an 18-year-old pit bull, was the oldest rescue animal taken in by the Humane Rescue Alliance, Washington D.C.’s agency for protecting and rescuing children and animals. But unfortunately, they were unsure if the dog would ever be adopted. So, instead, she was most likely going to spend the rest of her days in their facility.

When her elderly owner died, the senior dog was left homeless. Because no one in the family would take her, animal control was forced to transport the elderly dog to the shelter. The staff members were heartbroken to see the dog in such a deplorable condition. She had spent most of her life in a happy home, and now she is perplexed by the changes.

In a similar situation

Wayne Lerch is a Washington, D.C.-based avid biker who recently went through a heartbreaking experience. His pet, a female pit bull who had been with him for 11 years, died recently. Wayne was deeply attached to his dog, and her death left him in mourning.

He encountered Julep’s photo while browsing the Humane Rescue Alliance’s Facebook page one day. Wayne felt a connection with the dog and showed up at the shelter’s front doors the next day. The biker wanted to meet the depressed dog.

Wayne wasn’t sure he was ready for a new pet, so he brought his bike. That way, he couldn’t get the dog home with him when they met. However, the tough biker’s heart quickly melted. He fell in love with Julep and knew they were meant to be together.


That same day, Wayne filed for Julep’s adoption. He rode his bike home and returned to the shelter in his car. By the end of the day, the two were living together.

According to the generous man, his new dog has assisted him in overcoming his grief. The dog is also happier now that she has a new father. They’re both saving each other.

Source: Humane Rescue Alliance via?Facebook

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