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A 16-Week-Old Puppy Who Was Abandoned With Pizza Slices And A Note Has Found A New Home.

A guy came out his front door four years ago to see a disturbing scene: a 16-week-old puppy chained to the front stairs railing. A small bag of half-eaten pizza pieces sat next to but out of reach of the unlucky puppy. There was a message under the doormat requesting you to take the puppy home because the owner couldn’t keep her in their house.
Justin Hanley, who discovered the abandoned puppy, already had a dog and two children. He knew he wouldn’t be able to care for Diamond. As a result, he decided to post on Facebook and seek help.
Diamond was taken in by a rescue group called Don’t Bully Us Rescue (DBU) and placed in a foster home within a few hours.
Diamond’s foster father, Chris King, operates a small farm and has volunteered for DBU since 2017. Seven pygmy goats, nine dogs, four children, and King’s girlfriend shared the abandoned pup’s new foster home.
King’s dogs were named after Roman and Greek gods, so he dubbed his new foster dog Serenity after a moon goddess.
Serenity, according to King, has a fun and kind demeanor. She enjoys drawing attention to herself, crawling on people, and nestling her head into their armpits.
Serenity also has unusual sleeping habits. King claims she sleeps in strange postures, as though she’s bent in half, or tucks her face into the sofa.
Serenity stayed in King’s house for seven months before being adopted by a family. It took them only a short time to detect specific differences.
Serenity became irritable, snarling at other dogs and people. King speculated that she was probably behaving out since he was no longer with his group.
As a result, the family abandoned her, and King welcomed her back into his house. Serenity’s conduct was then restored to normal.
When Serenity returned, King’s family embraced her as a permanent member. As a result, her days of eating cold pizza are now long gone.

Credits to?Don?t Bully Us Rescue

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