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Best Breeds Of Dogs For a House.

Often times the presence of a big dog helps keep away unwanted people from your house.

Generally, vacation time is when houses are broken into. Burglary is a serious problem nowadays. This is why most families choose to have a dog at home so, at times, the dog is really the house security guard.

Given the circumstances, what would the best dog breed be to protect you and your beloved ones?

After some research, I came up with a list of dogs that may be more suitable when it comes to keeping an eye on the house. It may not be enough to choose a large dog. Apart from the size and breed preference, you should keep in mind other aspects. The dog you take home must be obedient and respectful to you and to all the family members.

It is important that your dog gets used to as a puppy to be around people and animals so that there are no issues with visitors to the house or guests in it. Training when age-appropriate is recommended.

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Heres a list of the best breeds of dogs suitable for house surveillance.

1 – Doberman: their behavior can be aggressive so they are basically prepared for territorial and family protection. Due to this, they should be trained to live with the family in harmony.

2 – Rottweiler: this is one of the best guard dog breeds there is, be it for their physical appearance and their behavior, which makes them ideal for this function. They require training and firm masters.

3 – Dogo Argentino: this dog breed tends to be calm; they do not bark much but they are always alert. The breed is not recommended for people who have trouble exercising their authority.

4 Germen Shepherd: this is one of the most popular and versatile breeds in the world. They are very affectionate yet they make an excellent guard dog. They are very tolerant with visitors but extremely aggressive against strangers.

5 Belgium Malinois Shepherd: this bread is strong, middle-sized, smart, bold, and very agile. They have a very strong temperament. These characteristics made them stand out over other breeds.

Here are four more breeds:

6 – Presa Canario: they are very attentive and they make excellent guard dogs. They are docile and devoted to the family. However, they are highly suspicious of strangers.

7 – Akita: They protect very well the house and nearby territory.They are great learners.

8 – American Staffordshire Terrier: They are very protective of the house and the family.

9 – Cane Corso: they are very calm in general and self-confident. They do not bark much. . They are a very attentive and responsible guard dog.


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